Max Strom "breathe to heal" Teacher Training in Wiesbaden

Termin: 18.-21. Feb 2018 in Wiesbaden

We currently have a worldwide epidemic of stress and anxiety that is stifling our happiness, creativity, and intimacy. This special event will teach you how to use breathing patterns to help alleviate anxiety, PTSD, depression, and improve sleep. Many of these issues are due to being taught socially from a very young age to suppress and numb our feelings, leaving us carrying an un-reconciled and unexpressed silo of emotions in our chest. Using breathing patterns for 15 minutes daily, as taught by Max Strom, can bring us back to a peaceful and calm state as well as gift us with insight and knowledge that was buried along with our feelings. With this new insight we are empowered to make new and meaningful life decisions.

This training with world-renowned teacher, speaker, and author Max Strom is designed to prepare you to practice his powerful method of personal evolution, Inner Axis, and to teach people from all walks of life and levels of fitness. Whether or not you have a stiff body or a rigid schedule, or you are a yoga teacher, therapist, or health practitioner who wants to incorporate this work into your teaching repertoire, this course will help to ignite healing and transformation.  You will find this course inspiring, immediately useful and indispensable to your journey.  For those of you who are not teachers or health practitioners, trust that you will be seen and cared for just as you are.

Max Strom


18.-21. Feb 2018 2018 im UNIT Wiesbaden


Sonntag bis Mittwoch jeweils 9.00 - 16.30 Uhr


495,-€ (MwSt. befreit)
460,-€ (MwSt. befreit) bei Buchung und Zahlung bis 2 Monate vor Beginn

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Teacher Training Inhalte

This 24-hour module will include:

1. The Breath

Getting students to commit to deep breathing, especially in big cities can be like pulling nails...there is so much frozen energy around the heart, so much stress, so much competitiveness and self-loathing that to breathe makes some feel like their lives may fall apart. So, teaching deep breathing is a real challenge. Opening the chest area is the hardest aspect because it is in the chest/thorax (Latin for shield) that we keep our old memories, our sadness, and to open the chest would mean dealing with a new personality - dealing with a new body. Max will reveal his secrets and techniques on these subjects:

  • Inner Axis daily Breath-initiated Movement
  • Evolutionary Breathing Patterns
  • Triggering Emotional Healing

2. Postures and Movement

Healing, transformation, and empowerment. Max Strom will reveal his core principles of posture and movement based on his two decades of teaching and his in-depth knowledge of Hatha Yoga and QI Gong. In just a few short days you will have the knowledge to make you a more insightful and safe teacher.

3. Communication

We teach in 5 different ways:

  • By example (including behavior, demonstration, and pantomime)
  • By what we say
  • The order in which we say it
  • By what we don’t say
  • By touch

Your function as a teacher is very similar to that of a mid-wife, as the student is both the mother of the coming child and the child itself. Because the heart breaks open and the new vulnerable little child is revealed, it dries off and becomes the new student. So, sometimes you are dealing with the mother and sometimes you are dealing with the child depending on the moment.

4. The Power of Ethical Precepts–The Ten Virtues 

The essence-message of all the great teachers of morality is at heart, the same. They may appear different because the message was altered for the particular time, place and culture they were addressing. The message is that our battles are not fought by challenging others to change their beliefs or behavior; rather, our own personal behavior is all we really have power over in the end. This effect or lack of a person’s ethics are so potent that it has been said that virtue alone is the most meaningful standard to distinguish one person from another. Following a virtuous path obviously benefits mankind and the world, but the great secret of ethics is that they also have an ineffably powerful transformative effect on our own being.

5. The Way In – Using Guided Visualizations for Rapid Healing

This brand new seminar offers an inspiring and insightful talk by Max, followed by a course on  how to write and guide visualizations. The insight you will gain from your internal response to visualizations cannot be purchased or found in a book, university, or website.  This special seminar will help you to see your world differently, and can course-correct the trajectory of your life course.

6. Lifespan tools 

Wisdom Beyond the Mat, writing and discussion.
Be sure to bring writing materials.

Über den Referenten Max Strom:

Max Strom is a global teacher, speaker, author, and trainer, and is known for profoundly inspiring and impacting the lives of his students for over two decades. Many of you know him from his inspiring book, A Life Worth Breathing, (Das Herz Des Yoga) published in five languages, and his recent book, There is No APP for Happiness. His system, Inner Axis, is a synthesis of yoga, qi gong, and movement therapy. But his teachings are not limited by contemporary yoga culture, and instead they are known to reach the heart of people from all walks of life. His lectures include a philosophy for real world living, and personal growth that is meaningful to both the student and their family. A dynamic speaker, he has presented three TEDx events, a keynote speech on ethics at the Lu Lu Lemon management conference, and keynote addresses for wellness conferences, corporate conferences, and yoga festivals. Most recently he presented at the first Wellness Symposium in Saudi Arabia, and the World Government Summit in Dubai.

Max Strom has been leading teacher trainings since 1999 and is recognized by the Yoga Alliance at their Advanced Teacher Level (ERYT 500).


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